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Bioma arises from the joint effort of two young freelance graphic designers: Edén Pasies and Isaac Rodríguez. A creative and multi-disciplined team of professionals capable of conceiving, programming, planning and executing any demand of graphic or audiovisual communication.

At Bioma, we got the tools and the hands for creating graphic worlds that will improve your idea.  


Isaac Rodríguez

Illustrator, designer and Fine Arts graduate, he is skilled with multiple techniques: vector graphics, silk screen printing, airbrushing, bas-relief... bringing a fresh, urban and very personal touch to every project. His work has been displayed in Europe and Japan and used by first brands like Quiksilver.

Edén Pasies

Edén holds a Graphic Design technical degree, Photography technical degree and Fine Arts degree. During the last 10 years he gained experience with graphic design, photographic editing and retouching, web design and programming (HTML, CSS, Action Script), animation and audiovisual presentations (Premiere, After Effects, Sound Forge) and audio editing and composition (Sound Forge, FL Studio).